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Highly Defined Values in the New and Refurbished Telepresence Market

VuPorts sells both New and Refurbished Polycom, Cisco (Tandberg), Lifesize videoconferencing systems and accesories that share industry standards and protocols of interoperability. Each system offers you defined value through quality testing and performance. We individually list software revision, choice of options, condition and price per system. In other words, you see exactly what you are getting.  We offer you the same value in our post sales support and technical service. 


Products An extensive look into our inventory of videoconferencing systems, infrastructure, options, warranties and accesoriesAll products are listed down to the individual item level detailing options and revisions and pricing.  Don't be confused with the competition that lists only Base models without options and old revision software.
Rentals Videoconferencing solutions shipped to your location(s) overnight for daily, weekly, monthly use or longer.   We are the only company that specializes in system rentals.  We know how to do this right with years of experience.
Trade-Ins Best prices offered on your surplus, new or used videoconferencing systems Whether enterprise deinstallations or  single unit trade ins, working or not, we will offer you the winning competitive bid.   Email or phone us now if you have trade-in or trade-up systems.   It is very likely that we will offer more for your traded in system than the vendors that you are purchasing your new systems from.
VuPorts The respected business video conferencing sales leader for over 13 years. Offering 1000's of corporations, government  agencies, institutions, law offices, schools and individuals the best quotes on single systems to large scale deployment.
VuPorts The Featured Company written about by Yahoo Small Business Advisor  (Read the story)





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