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High Definition Cameras for Video Conferencing

HD Video Conferencing Cameras

Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular with professionals in a variety of industries. With its lower costs and added convenience, it is an excellent alternative to traditional in-person meetings.

To ensure that your video conferencing calls go smoothly, you need the right equipment. First and foremost, you need a good camera. At VuPorts, we offer world-class video conferencing equipment at much lower prices than our competitors.

HD Video Conferencing Brands

There are a number of brands that carry excellent video conferencing cameras and other equipment. Here are some of the top brands that VuPorts carries:

  • Polycom: This brand aims to make communication easier with their range of both video and audio conferencing tools and equipment.
  • Cisco: Cisco offers different video conferencing endpoint options to make connecting with your far sites easy in a way that meets your needs.
  • Lifesize: Lifesize offers video conferencing systems that are small but powerful and deliver high quality video and audio you can depend on.

When you buy your video conferencing equipment, you need a brand you can trust. That’s why VuPorts carries only the best. Our inventory of refurbished cameras with one-year warranties will save you money but never make you compromise on quality.

Types of Video Conferencing Cameras

Finding the right video conferencing camera means you have to consider how you will use it. Three of the most common types of HD video conferencing cameras are voice tracking, pan-tilt-zoom and fixed.

Voice Tracking Video Conferencing Cameras

Voice tracking technology allows the camera to recognize whoever is speaking. Once the camera recognizes the speaker, they can tune the microphone to focus on that person, make their face more focused in the video feed, and even move to put that person in-frame. Polycom EagleEye HD cameras have this capability when used with the EagleEye Director or Director II.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Video Conferencing Cameras

This type of camera can move at different angles instead of remaining stationary. Panning lets it go side to side, tilting lets it move up and down, and zooming lets it focus in closer or go back out.

Fixed Video Conferencing Cameras

A fixed camera for video conferencing is the opposite of a pan-tilt-zoom camera. It cannot move — it stays in one place. The camera is fixed at one angle so it can focus in one direction.

Video Conferencing Cameras Spec Meanings

Buying a new video conferencing camera can be difficult, especially with all of the terms. If you’re reading through the specs of different cameras and don’t know what some of the words mean, check out this quick guide:

  • Skype for Business Compatible: Software that offers a variety of video conferencing tools such as voiceovers, instant messaging, file sharing and more.
  • People Tracking: Pan-tilt-zoom cameras move to adjust to the person speaking, which helps improve video feed and audio and cuts out background noise.
  • Zoom: Moves in closer or expands the video back out. Can be set to optical, digital or total. Helpful when adjusting between larger and smaller groups.
  • Panning: This is when the camera moves side to side to help you see everyone.
  • Tilt: The camera moves up and down to help see everyone involved.
  • HD: Stands for “high definition.” 1080p resolution is the optimal video format for clarity.
  • Codec: Compresses outgoing video data and decompresses incoming data to make the connection faster.
  • FPS: Stands for “frames per second.” Affects how smooth or jittery the picture is.
  • Focus: You can adjust the focus, similar to the zoom, to be manual or automatic depending on your familiarity with the technology.

With a variety of specs and features available, you can choose the camera that best fits your video conferencing needs.

Find the Right Video Conferencing Camera for Your Needs at VuPorts

Whether you go with a Polycom HD camera, a Cisco HD camera or a Lifesize HD camera, VuPorts has the selection to help you find the perfect High Definition camera for all of your video conferencing needs. Check out our inventory of HD cameras and any other video conferencing equipment you need, like audio equipment and accessories.