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Cisco C20 / SX20 Table Microphone

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Cisco C20 / SX20 Table Microphone

The microphones are optimized for voice and designed for use in small-to-large collaboration meeting rooms and specialized spaces with state-of-the-art audio quality.

Cisco C20 / SX20 Table Microphone Features and benefits

The Cisco Table Microphone is the latest generation microphone product for Cisco video conferencing room systems. It covers all the use cases previously served by the Table Microphone 20 and Table Microphone 60 and is ideal for omnidirectional coverage for small-to-large rooms with fixed tables.

The Table Microphones provides high-quality omnidirectional coverage ideal for small-to-large meeting rooms with fixed tables. They will continue to be available to enable design consistency for rooms that already have these microphones installed. New customers or new deployments should opt for the latest Table Microphone product.


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