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SX-80 Precision 60 Camara 2 Year Total Warranty

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VuPorts 1 Year Warranty
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VuPorts will cover for ONE ADDITIONAL year for a TOTAL of 2 Years, including the default one year warranty the repair or the replacement of your codec, microphone and specified camera should your system prove to not be working in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

The VuPorts warranty will commence from date of delivery in the case of a system sale OR shall start upon the notification that VuPorts has successfully completed a remote or local system test to certify that a system is in proper working order. VuPorts will collect the s/n's of the warrantied components listed above and shall then administer a baseline test for codec connectivity, primary camera function including Pan, Tilt Zoom, remote mic function, external audio output functions. Any other specific functions other than the baseline tests above should be requested and specified by the Customer at the time of testing the system. These will be additionally covered if specified and then tested by VuPorts at the time of warranty implementation.

VuPorts will not be obligated to repair or replace any system deemed misused, accidentally damaged, operated incorrectly, shipped incorrectly or operated under conditions that are outside the accepted manufacturers stated environmental operating conditions. VuPorts will replace a codec or covered component with a codec or component that has equal or better revision firmware and software as specified by the unique serial number of the system on the Polycom or Cisco websites at the time of warranty implementation.  VuPorts will have the sole discretion as to which equivalent system shall replace the one needing repair or replacement.

VuPorts shall not be held liable for replicating any existing customer configurations on any codec such as network parameters, system configurations, logos, customer files, etc.

VuPorts Warranty only covers repair or replacement and does not cover Codec Upgrades on Firmware or Operating Systems such as is the case under manufacturer warranties. It may be possible to upgrade a customers codec, but that shall be considered an extra expense to Customer outside of this contract. Customer is responsible for a timely notification to VuPorts that there is an operational issue with their warrantied product. VuPorts will make efforts to remotely diagnosis and fix the problem first before VuPorts issues an RMA Number for the Customer to send back their product for Repair. Customer shall make available their system for such remote diagnosis.

VuPorts shall be responsible for a typical turnaround on repair or replacement within two weeks of receipt of defective unit and will not be held repsonsible for delays by weather, logistics, delays in prepayments for return shipping where applicable below, customs or any action outside of VuPorts control.  All Shipments from Customer to VuPorts shall be sent by a fully insured common carrier of the Customers choice packaged in accordance with that carrier's guidelines. The cost of that shipment shall be the Customers full responsibility including Customs charges, Taxes and Duties. VuPorts will be responsible for the cost of the return shipment, fully insured and sent out in a timely fashion by Fedex expedited Shipping, typically 2nd Day Fedex for all warraties issued to Customers in the contiguous United States. All International customers and customers residing in Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Territories shall also be responsible for paying return shipping  cost prior to return shipment by Fedex 3rd Day (Domestic Only) Insured or International Priority Insured as well as Customs Charges, Duties and Taxes. Please inquire with any other questions that you may have prior to purchase.

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