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Cisco Tandberg Video Communications Server VCS Control

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Advanced Video Applications, Session Control, and Firewall Traversal

As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, leaders recognize the benefits and growing impact of video as a key part of business collaboration. Video is being used to improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face to face over distances. These meetings:

●   Improve decision making by reducing communications delay

●   Build trust and understanding across time zones within cross-functional and diverse teams

●   Reduce employee travel, real-estate costs, and environmental impact

●   Encourage information sharing and knowledge building with employees, partners, and customers

It’s all part of engagement – making it easy and natural for people to collaborate – and Cisco is taking these interactions to the next level. Video collaboration experiences are available anywhere, and are as easy as voice. For many use cases, these experiences are better than being there.

Cisco TelePresence® Video Communication Server (VCS) is at the heart of these experiences. VCS delivers rich video-enabled collaboration throughout and beyond the enterprise network, and is ideal for organizations that do not have Cisco® call control environments but want to use Cisco TelePresence conferencing applications.

Cisco Expressway Series

The Cisco Expressway Series provides functionality similar to VCS. Expressway provides a video-centric call control and firewall traversal solution that supports registration of both Cisco and third-party endpoints. For most customers, Expressway-C and Expressway-E will provide a more flexible and extensible licensing model as well being more cost-effective, and will be preferable to VCS Control and VCS Expressway. For more information about Expressway, visit or contact your Cisco account representative.

Product Overview

VCS comprises Cisco TelePresence VCS Control and Cisco TelePresence VCS Expressway to enable smooth video communications easily and securely inside and outside the enterprise.

VCS Control provides video call and session control, registrations, and enhanced security for Cisco TelePresence conferences. It enables definition of aspects such as routing, dial plans, and bandwidth usage, while allowing organizations to customize video call-management applications to their requirements.

For organizations that need video collaboration beyond the enterprise, VCS Expressway is required alongside VCS Control. VCS Expressway allows video traffic to traverse the firewall securely, enabling rich video communications with partners, customers, suppliers, mobile workers, and teleworkers.

Important use cases for Cisco VCS include:

●   Business-to-business video: Using Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) dialing, you can collaborate with customers, partners, and suppliers as easily and securely as you do using email messages. No prearrangements are needed. And if your partners, suppliers, or customers have a third-party standards-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or H.323, system, you can collaborate with them too, as easily as you do with the people in your own office.

●   Mobile video experiences using Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence (formerly Movi) clients: Providing secure mobile access based on Transport Layer Security (TLS), Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence mobile lets you make and receive video calls without requiring the extra step of a VPN.

●   Teleworkers: Teleworkers can use their personal Cisco TelePresence endpoints for video interactions with colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers from their home office.

●   Investment protection: The solution offers video interoperability with your current standards-based SIP or H.323 systems and devices.

When VCS is deployed with Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Cisco Business Edition 9.1.2 or later, the following are also possible when remote and mobile access to Cisco Unified Communications Manager is enabled:

●   Mobile experiences using any Cisco Jabber® client with access to all collaboration workloads (video, voice, content, instant messaging, and presence) without requiring the extra step of a VPN.

●   VPN-less teleworker support for Cisco endpoints (Cisco TelePresence EX Series, MX Series, and SX Series; Cisco TelePresence Integrator C Series; Cisco DX Series; as well as Cisco Jabber).

●   Mobile and browser-based collaboration with Cisco Jabber Guest: Realize the benefits of new ways of securely and easily interacting with “guests,” whether they are consumers, other businesses, or even temporary employees.

VCS Control and Expressway deliver exceptional scale and resilience, highly secure communications, and simplified large-scale provisioning and network administration in conjunction with Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (Cisco TMS). They can be deployed as a dedicated appliance or as a virtualized application on VMware with additional support for Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) platforms.

●  SIP registrar and SIP proxy server
●  H.323 gatekeeper interoperability and interworking between SIP and H.323 standards-compliant endpoints and support for communication with IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Lync environments, including Microsoft Lync 2013 (H.264 SVC) clients
●  Zone and bandwidth management: VCS Control supports management of the allocation of bandwidth among sites, endpoints, and groups of endpoints
●  Dial-plan and call-routing control: These features allow administrators to create dial plans to define how calls are handled within the network
●  Authentication: You can configure VCS Control to allow both authenticated and unauthenticated endpoints to register to the same VCS, and to subsequently control the operation of those endpoints based on their authentication status
●  Policy services
●  Deployment flexibility: You can deploy VCS Control virtually or as an appliance, in clusters or standalone environments
●  Advanced Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) security
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