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Cisco VX Tactical

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Cisco Telepresence VX Tactical Video Conferencing System Overview

The Cisco TelePresence ® VX Tactical (VX Tactical) brings the power of telepresence to field environments (Figure 1). Portable and ruggedized, the VX Tactical offers the benefits of mobility through a portable briefcase-style form factor and is ideal for use cases such as military, emergency response, and other industries such as oil and gas and construction where field work is required.

Designed to be used in harsh environments, the high impact plastic shell minimizes impact while an aluminum interior frame provides structural strength. The 17.5-inch screen is fully readable in sunlight, and the high-definition (HD) 1080p, 16 x 9 aspect ratio camera provides a quality image of the field user and environment. The unit is based on a Cisco TelePresence System SX20 Quick Set codec (SX20) and supports H.323, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) dual stream up to 6 Mbps. You can also set up the VX Tactical in a mobile telepresence conference room scenario with an external microphone, camera, and monitor. (Figure 2). The SX20 codec supports embedded capability for multipoint support with Cisco TelePresence MultiSite technology, enabling you to add three additional participants to a telepresence call.

This high-definition video collaboration system is part of the Cisco TelePresence portfolio, which offers a total solution approach including content sharing, recording, firewall traversal, and management capabilities. Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical is designed to truly extend the power of in-person to everyone, everywhere.

Cisco VX Tactical Video Conferencing System Features

  • Water-, sand-, impact-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant case providing portability, durability, and functionality
  • SX20 Quick Set codec featuring HD video and content sharing with full-duplex audio
  • Embedded 1080p HD camera and integrated speakers and microphone
  • Sunlight readable, optically bonded, 17.5-inch 720p60 HD display that is 3x stronger than standard screens
  • Tactile control panel offering simplified system control and a tethered infrared remote control for full system operation
  • AC and DC power options for system operation
  • Security hasps (2x) for securing the unit
  • IP67 (closed)
  • Individual transcoding embedded MultiSite *
  • HD collaboration with resolutions up to WXGA at full frame rate
  • High-definition content sharing up to 1080p15
  • Optimal definition up to 1080p60
  • H.323/SIP up to 6 Mbps
  • Built-in individually transcoded multipoint conferencing offers the ability to add three additional callers
  • Easy provisioning and self-configuration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco UCM), Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server (VCS), or Cisco Callway
  • The VX Tactical takes advantage of the Cisco TelePresence Total Solution approach, including Cisco TelePresence Multiway features, recording and streaming, and firewall traversal services.
Maximum Resolution

HD 1080p30

Current Software

TC 7.3.9 or CE9.0.1

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