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High Definition Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Video Conferencing HD Infrastructure

We have the products to provide you with complete video conferencing HD infrastructure from all your favorite brands. Whether you’re looking for Polycom HD infrastructure, Cisco HD or Codian HD infrastructure, we have the servers, MCUs, video bridges and more to accommodate you.

Video Conferencing MCU and Video Bridges

Your video conferencing HD infrastructure starts with your Multipoint Control Unit, or MCU. You may also know this unit as a video bridge, since its function is to connect different video conference terminals. The MCU is what allows you to see all the different people in your conference even if there are five or six, a dozen or even more, all on your screen in individual squares. Naturally, this setup allows all the other conference members to see you as well.

The MCU makes it happen by pulling all the video endpoints from all the people that call into the conference and routing the signals so that everyone can see the images they need to see. Good MCUs can also transcode signals so that if two products trying to connect are normally incompatible, they can still work together.

MCUs and video bridges can vary by price, quality of video, special features and capacity, but we’re able to supply affordable MCUs and video bridges from top brands. Choose your favorite Codian MCU or Polycom MCU from our selection to fit your system.

Video Conferencing Recording & Streaming

Another important aspect of video conferencing infrastructure is the ability to record that important conversations for the records, or to be able to share the video conference with others. Video conferencing recording & streaming servers do just that. They allow you to record your video conference, and convert it into various formats, for emailing, placing on a server, or streaming to the web. We can help you find the Cisco, Tandberg or Polycom recording & streaming server that is right for you.

Video Conferencing Gateways and Border Controllers

A video conferencing gateway is a way to translate devices on the network so that they can work together. If your devices are on an IP network, you can use the appropriate video conferencing gateway to connect to ISDN devices so that everyone can communicate in the same video conference even from different networks. This setup will save you the time and expense of changing or adding networks to accommodate those of the parties you need to communicate with.

Border controllers are devices that you’ll use to protect your session initiation protocol (SIP). It can perform security functions such as protecting your conference from a Denial of Service attack, improve connectivity through techniques like NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal or VPN connectivity and help with quality of service issues like traffic policing and resource allocation.

Naturally, VuPorts is also where you’ll find the affordable Codian gateways, Cisco gateways or Tandberg border controller you need to complete your infrastructure.

Video Conferencing HD Infrastructure From VuPorts

To order the MCU, server, gateway, border controller or related item that you’re interested in, simply click on your preferred item below. We offer top brands like Polycom and Cisco in refurbished models that you’ll find to be dramatically cheaper than the cost of buying these products new, but with the same level of functionality. Our products come in three different condition levels to meet your budget needs. They also have a one-year warranty so that you can be confident about and fully rely on them.

With VuPorts, you can build your entire video conferencing infrastructure without exceeding your budget. In a business world that’s increasingly digitally based, having effective video conferencing is vital. Without it, you could easily fall behind your competition. VuPorts supplies the means for you to provide a high-quality video conferencing infrastructure that will streamline internal communications and allow you to conduct meetings with the highest level of professionalism with your vendors, clients and partner companies.

If you know which equipment you need, you can click to order right now. If you need more information to help you make your choices, don’t hesitate to call us today at 415-659-8178 or contact us online — our team would be happy to help.