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Codian MSE 8420 Media Blade

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Includes a VuPorts 90 Day Warranty.
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●  Standards-based and compatible with all major vendors’ endpoints

Software License

●  MCU (Media) port licenses required in Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 chassis to enable SD video ports

High Performance

●  720p up to 15 fps H.263 continuous presence; 480p up to 30 fps
●  Comprehensive high-definition (HD) audio codecs

Universal Transcoding and Transrating

●  All calls are automatically transcoded and transrated for audio and video
●  Any bandwidth, any resolution, or any video or audio codec can be used on any video call within the same conference
●  All participants have their own personal encodes

Streaming Video

●  Built-in streaming server
●  Ability to view using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or QuickTime
●  Streaming of slides (H.239 and Virtual Network Computing [VNC])
●  Text chat
●  Unicast and multicast
●  User Datagram Protocol (UDP), TCP, or HTTP
●  Independent choice of bandwidth and codec

Localization and Customization

●  Custom interactive voice response (IVR)/auto attendant audio prompts and graphics
●  Uploadable multilanguage support

Multipoint-Control-Unit (MCU) Features

●  H.323 dial in, or dial out from web server
●  Standalone or with gatekeeper/registrar/proxy
●  Configurable audio and video auto attendant
●  Advanced continuous presence as standard on all ports
●  Automatic selection of best layout
●  Individual layout selection using remote control or webpages
●  More than 50 custom layouts
●  Active speaker selection using remote control or voice activation
●  Floor assignment through webpage or management application
●  Far-end camera control tunneling using remote control or web
●  Text identification of sites
●  On-screen text messaging to individual or all sites
●  Built-in conference scheduling and reservation
●  On-demand and ad hoc conferences
●  Automatic lecture mode
●  On-screen list of participants
●  Preview of conference and individual camera on webpages
●  Web conferencing – those without endpoints can still interact
●  Uploadable bitmaps for audio participants
●  Video association for IP and traditional private branch exchanges (PBXs)
●  Automatic connection to audio conferences
●  Integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager v8.6 or later ad-hoc conferencing features allows Cisco video IP phones to initiate impromptu multiparty calls with other Cisco TelePresence endpoints.
●  Cisco TelePresence Multiwaytechnology, which enables many Cisco® video endpoints to initiate impromptu multiparty calls
●  Linked voice and video calls
●  Automatic redialing

Content Features

●  Dual video using H.239 and BFCP content sharing
●  Presentation mode: You can add slides from your PC using VNC
●  Automatic content handover
●  Widescreen (16:9) support
●  Pass through content option to maximize capacity
●  Content transcoding for interoperability
●  Participants with no content support can receive transcoded content in main video

Cisco TelePresence ConferenceMe

●  Video, audio, and content sharing:
◦   Multiple layouts
◦   Firewall friendly
●  Independent transcode per participant
●  Up to 12 simultaneous connections

Built-In Web Server

●  Complete configuration, control, and monitoring of the system and conferences

Built-In Gatekeeper

●  Resolution of E.164 numbers
●  Registration of conferences, endpoints, and gateways
●  Ability for up to 25 devices to register
Maximum Resolution

HD 1080p30

Current Software



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