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Lifesize Express 220

MSRP Base Price: $7524


Includes a VuPorts 60 Day Warranty.
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Lifesize Express 220 Video Conferencing System at a Glance

  • Video Quality:
    • Full HD
    • Standards-based
    • 1920×1080-30fps
    • 1280×720-60fps
  • Multiple HD Monitors: Supports up to two HD monitors
  • HD Camera: Supports HD pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • HD Video Communications: Make point-to-point calls or join multipoint calls

Lifesize Express 220 Video Conferencing Experience

Lifesize Express 220 video conferencing equipment feature high resolution, superior motion handling and low latency. What does that mean? Simply that the video image is so lifelike and the audio is so crisp, it will feel like everyone is in the same room. –

Maximum Resolution

HD 1080p30


Video: 1 HDMI, 1 DVI
Audio: 1 Mic, 1 3.5mm Phono


Video: 2 HDMI
Audio: 1 3.5mm Phono

Current Software


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