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Lifesize Icon 450

MSRP Base Price: $4,995.00


Includes a VuPorts ONE YEAR Warranty and Support (Non-Network).

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LifeSize Icon 450 Video Conferencing System At A Glance

  • Smart-framing Sensor: Ensures that everyone in the room is visible during a call
  • Pair to the Lifesize cloud-based service*: Directory with name-based one-click calling, virtual meeting rooms, screen sharing, calendar integration, chat, automatic software updates and more
  • Record and Share Calls with Lifesize Record and Share*: Easily record a video call or meeting from any device and automatically publish videos into your own video library
  • Seamless Call Escalation: Accept requests to join your call or add others via your directory with one click
  • Video Quality: Up to 1080p30
  • Presentation Quality & Screen Sharing: HDMI input for 1080p video and audio presentation
  • HD Display: Support for one display
  • HD Camera: Pan, tilt and zoom camera with 82° HFOV and support for up to 1080p30 HD and 5x zoom
  • Lifesize Phone HD: Delivers superior audio quality and an easy-to-use, programmable touchscreen enabling video and audio management

* Requires a Lifesize subscription

Maximum Resolution

HD Video

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