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Lifesize Team 220

MSRP Base Price: $13999


Includes a VuPorts 30 Day Warranty.
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The LifeSize Team 220 with Phone and Lifesize 200 Camera is the LifeSize Team 220, bundled with a with a LifeSize Phone and camera. LifeSize Team 220 delivers full HD video quality for the most natural, realistic interactions. Team 220 delivers unparalleled ease of use and flexibility for workgroups. Team 220 supports dual high definition displays as well as a camera, digital input and output connections, an embedded four-way, a Full HD multipoint control unit and dual microphones.

All Systems come with the codec, mic, remote, camera, necessary cabling and 90 day warranty.
Additional Add On VuPorts 1, 2 and 3 Year Warranties are available as related products on the right.

Maximum Resolution

HD 1080p30


Video: 1 Cam, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI

Audio: 1 Mic, 1 3.5mm Phono


Video: 1 HDMI

Audio: 1 3.5mm Phono

Current Software


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