Polycom HDX 9004

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VuPorts Refurbished Systems Include a 1 Year Warranty.


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Polycom HDX 9004 Specs At A Glance

  • 720p video at 30 frames per second.
  • Eagle Eye camera
  • 8 site multisite capability with optional option
  • Content sharing
  • Up to 22kHz audio
  • Echo cancellation
  • Video standards : H.261, H.263, H.264 H239
  • Audio Standards: Siren 22/14, G.722, G.711, G.728, G.729A

HDX 9004 is one of our most popular rack mount 720p Systems and the only system capable of doing 8 site Multipoint Calls! Each System can support Dual HD 720p Cameras.  All HDX 9004 Systems come with 3.1 Software unless otherwise noted in the detailed list of systems.

All Systems come with Fully Tested Codec, HDX HD Microphone Pod, Remote, Eagle Eye I Camera (unless otherwise specified in inventory) and necessary cables plus a VuPort’s One Year Warranty.

Additional VuPorts Add On Warranties are available as related products on the right.

Optional Advanced Replacement Warranty may be purchased on this system. There are lots of additional options both hardware and software. Most of the Systems come with the 8-site Multipoint Activation. This provides for 4 calls on screen at anytime plus and additional 4 participants that are switched in and out of the active picture as they speak. The HDX 9004 is the most popular integrator’s choice codec. You can rack mount this codec as intended or simply place on or in a cart with and extended 10 (Default) , 30, 50 or 100 foot camera cable. Incorporating 1280x 720 (720p) definition with 5 HD inputs and 4 Professional video outputs, this unit is extremely flexible. Audio quality is 22khz Bandwidth for crystal clear voice. All HDX 9004 systems past verison 2.6 incorporate People Plus Content for two screen “talking heads” plus data and People On Content for “Weatherman” superimposed “talking heads” on Data Background. Additional Interfaces, both 4BRI, PRI, and V.35 interfaces can be added to the empty interface slot. Additional mics can be daisychained or ceiling mics added. The Soundstructure can be used with this unit to mix many additional audio inputs into the call. A solid, reliable and highly defined performer.

Some software options listed below are incorporated already into release 2.6 and newer. HDX 8-site Mulitpoint may or may not be already on some units but is available separately.

Please check related products on the right for add ons to this unit.

We also have HDX 9004 video conferencing units for rent on our rentals page.

Maximum Resolution

HD 720p30


Video: 2 Cam, 1 BNC, 2 DVI
Audio: 2 Mic, 3 Phoenix


Video: 3 BNC, 3 DVI
Audio: 2 Phoenix

Current Software


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