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Polycom RealPresence Group 300 with EagleEye IV 12x

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The Polycom Group 300 with HD video is great for smaller rooms. Refurbished systems include a 1 year warranty and tech support. VuPorts is Polycom certified and trusted by Polycom.

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Polycom Group 300

The Polycom Group 300 is among the most effective video conferencing systems available on the market today — and we’re proud to include it in our line of Polycom video conferencing equipment. With a compact, pleasing design, it’s simple to install. All you need to do is connect the cables and provide an IP address — and you’re ready to go. If you run into any problems, just call our customer service line, and our support staff will be happy to help you.

Once installed, the Polycom Group 300 with Eagle Eye IV 12x Camera is easy to use — and it’s perfect for smaller meetings or remote brainstorming sessions. The HD camera and tabletop microphone provide excellent video and audio so you’re never stuck with grainy images or static on the line.

Advantages of Purchasing a Polycom Group 300 System From VuPorts

In addition to enjoying substantial savings on video conferencing equipment, when you select a Polycom Group 300 system from VuPorts, you also get to take advantage of the following:

  • Quality Certified: Each and every Polycom system is fully tested to guaranteed to be in good working condition, giving you the piece of mind that you want when investing in high end video conferencing equipment.
  • Warranty backed: With a Polycom system from VuPorts you get a great solution backed by our one-year warranty and outstanding customer support.
  • Technical Support: We provide technical support on all Polycom Group 300 systems. From setting up the system to troubleshooting, the VuPorts team will work with you to get you up and running with your Group 300 in no time.
  • Customer Service: VuPorts is here for you. Whether you are looking at purchasing a Group 300, or adding to your existing system, we are here to assist you to make your video conferencing purchase as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

Polycom Group 300-720p Video Conferencing System with EagleEye IV 12x camera

  • Group 300 systems are refurbished tested to insure good working condition.
  • Systems include the Group 300 codec and camera as well as microphone, remote, power supply and cable kit. 
  • Additional licenses may be purchased to increase the functionality of your system above.
  • We may carry some discounted systems with activated options, (no license) – limited to stock on hand.  Please inquire.

VuPorts may offer further discounts on refurbished products that are unboxed, of a lower condition level or in quantity purchase. Codecs may be purchased separately upon request. Please inquire about this inventory. All Group 300 Systems come with ONE YEAR VuPorts Warranty which can be increased on Group 300 Systems to 2, 3, and 4 Year Total Warranties from the drop down warranty menu. Call us with any questions about the product or pricing at 415-659-8178.

Polycom Group 300 Video Conferencing System Works Perfectly with Cloud Based Web Conferencing

The Polycom RealPresence Group 300 connects perfectly with all H.323 and SIP based systems from from Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize just by configuring your system out of the box. The Group 300 also works with all the leading cloud based web conferencing platforms including Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx and GoToMeeting and many others with cloud based H.323/SIP enabled service plans such as Room Connector from Zoom. Use the special purposed digital signal processors in your hardware endpoints to get a superior video network over each of these managed platforms. We can help you with that.

We can also help you get started with connecting your Group 300 with Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business Option. You will need a Skype for Business Option Key and Polycom RealPresence Touch Control to do so. The configuration in the Group 300 will them be available for you to configure your system to do Skype calling and sync to Office 365.

Polycom Group 300-720p Specs At A Glance:

  • EagleEye IV 12x camera
  • 720p60 video and content collaboration
  • Content sharing
  • Up to 22kHz audio and Echo cancellation
  • Video standards : H.261, H.263, H.264 AVC, H.264 High Profile, H.264 SVC, RTV
  • Audio Standards: Siren 22/14, G.722, G.711, G.728, G.729A
  • 720p60 video and content collaboration heightens realism
  • 1080p60 video and content collaboration can be added with the 1080p option selected

We have amazing prices when it comes to the Group 300 systems and it only gets better when you add the additional activated options! Feel Free to Call us about this product.  415-659-8178

Polycom RealPresence Group 300 Series 720p60 Video Conferencing Experience (1080p60 with 1080p Option Selected)

The Group 300 is perfect for smaller groups, small meeting rooms, and personal workspaces. The Group 300 is simple to setup and configure, and has a compact and sleek design.

The possible options for the Group 300 720p system include:

  • Dual Display
  • Skype for Business and Lync Integration
  • TIP interoperability and 1080p with License installed

Included with the Polycom RealPresence Group 300 Video Conferencing Kit

  • Polycom Group 300 Codec
  • Polycom EagleEye IV Pan, Tilt and  12x Zoom MPTZ-10 1080p Camera
  • Polycom Group Microphone
  • Polycom Remote Control
  • Required Cables including Polycom microphone cable, Polycom codec to camera cable, HDMI video cable, power and Ethernet cables.
  • All Manufacturer Refurbished- A stock units come with all Polycom Boxes and original packaging.
  • One Year VuPorts Warranty on all Polycom Systems including Tech Support

Compare with the Polycom RealPresence Group 310 with EagleEye IV 12x

Licenses vs. Activated Options (What’s the difference?)

License Options Activated Options
Option key in place Option key in place (Fully functional)
Polycom Entitlement NOT a Polycom Entitlement
Covered w/ Polycom Warranty NOT covered w/ Polycom Warranty
Licenses can be combined Activated Options can’t be combined with Licenses
Licenses limited to inventory Activated Options available to a few limited systems

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Maximum Resolution

HD 1080p60


Video: 1 Cam
Audio: 1 mic


Video: 2 HDMI
Audio: 1 3.5mm

Current Software

Group: in Group Mode  6.2.1 in Trio Mode

Additional Information

2 reviews for Polycom RealPresence Group 300 with EagleEye IV 12x

  1. 5 out of 5

    This kit does the same as the Group 310 but saves $$$$. Great deal.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Great quality product, have had it for 2 years now.

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