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Polycom VSX Ceiling Microphone

MSRP Base Price: $1239


Includes a 30 Day Warranty.
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Complete room coverage with superior audio pickup

Enhance the audio quality on Polycom videoconferencing systems with the Polycom Ceiling Microphone Array. This microphone array picks up voices in a 360-degree area, giving focus to the active speaker without physical intervention.

The Polycom Ceiling Microphone Array:

  • Supports stereo audio with Polycom Siren 22 audio technology
  • Provides 360-degree coverage with three cardioid elements
  • Covers 400 square feet (122-sq-cm)
  • Increases the flexibility of room use by putting electronics in the ceiling instead of the floor or tabletop
  • Connects directly to the Polycom videoconferencing systems and installed audio solutions


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