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Polycom RMX 2000 MCU for MPMx and MPM+ Modules (Revision D)

MSRP Base Price: $98000


VuPorts Refurbished RMX 2000 Rev. D MCUs Include a 30 Day Warranty.
RMX 2000 Rev. D Configurations
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Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server RMX 2000

The RMX 2000 Revision D Chassis will support MPM+20 , MPM+40 , MPM+80 , MPMxs and MPMxd  Module(s).

This is a far more current MCU than the NON Rev D Chassis. This will support also a higher resolution up to 1080p30HD.  There are two module slots to add capacity to your bridge and additional capacity can not be added without a Polycom Maintenance Contract which would serve to properly generate current licenses keys from your Polycom Option Licenses. This unit is extremely robust once programmed.

VuPorts, LLC has numbers configurations of this bridge, some with Polycom warranty and all with different software revisions and board configurations. This bridge can also support ISDN with that option and the PRI/ISDN module on the rear backplane.  Please call if you have any questions.   Pricing Starts with Base Rev D Polycom RMX 2000 Chassis at $2000 and you can add your configuration.   We only have one of each in the list as listed.  

Polycom® RMX® 2000 Benefits

Lowest TCO, Highest ROI – H.264 High Profile technology delivers unprecedented bandwidth efficiency
Polycom UltimateHD™ – High definition video, audio, and content sharing
Life-like resolution up to 1080p, with Polycom Video Clarity Technology that improves even non-HD video streams Investment protection – High-scale, future-proof platform
Multinetwork support – IP (H.323, SIP), PSTN, and ISDN on a single chassis
Easy, secure access from anywhere – Multitiered Web-based management
Anytime, on demand conferencing – Always-on virtual meeting rooms
Resilient multipoint conferencing – Polycom Lost Packet Recovery™ (LPR™) technology
Automatic fail-over – Virtualize RMX resources with DMA 7000
Best per call value – Dynamic resource allocation or fixed performance capabilities

Polycom RealPresence RMX 2000 Collaboration Server Part numbers

ASSY2100D-L0, 5157-18200-215, 5157-18200-511, 5157-18200-512, 5157-18350-005, 5157-18350-005, 5157-18350-010, 5157-18350-010, 5157-18350-015, 5157-18350-015, 5157-18350-020, 5157-18350-030, 5157-18350-045, 5157-18350-060, 5157-18350-090, 5157-18350-120, 5

Maximum Resolution

HD 1080p30

Current Software

V8.7.4.2 MPMrx 8.5.12 MPMx 7.8 MPM+ 7.0 MPM

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