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Polycom SoundStructure C8

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Polycom SoundStructure C8 Features

  • Breakthrough audio conferencing performance – The most powerful and flexible installed audio solution available provides lifelike voice conferencing with no compromises.
  • Easy installation and configuration, even for very large or complex systems – Innovations such as SoundStructure Studio configuration software and OBAM™ matrix architecture make it easier than ever to deliver crisp, clear, lifelike sound.
  • Seamless integration with Polycom®RealPresence® Group Series solutions– Flexible configuration options delivers the true Polycom® UltimateHD™ technology experience for natural, lifelike voice and video conferencing that raises productivity to a whole new level.

Polycom SoundStructure C8 Description

Polycom® SoundStructure® C-Series installed audio solutions set a new standard in performance for immersive conferencing. Full-stereo acoustic echo cancellation, with 22 kHz bandwidth and powerful feedback elimination, allows meeting participants to focus on the conversation without distraction. Comprehensive input, output and submix processing provides configuration flexibility and integrates all core audio processing into a single solution, eliminating the need and costs of additional equipment. Optional modular telephony interface cards expand functionality and provide investment protection.

Polycom SoundStructure C8 Benefits

  • Unrivaled Sterio Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) – The only product with both monaural and stereo echo cancellation from 20Hz to 22 kHz – AEC with no compromises for more immersive meetings.
  • Breakthrough feedback elimination – Enables more flexible microphone, talker, loudspeaker placements and speech reinforcement delivering audio where you want it
  • Polycom OBAM™ matrix architecture – Connect multiple units together to create larger systems without the limitations of traditional bussing
  • All conferencing features available on all inputs – Eliminate the worries of running out of microphone inputs, since every feature is available on all inputs
  • Gain sharing automatic microphone mixer – Improved automixer experience ensures smoother transitions and robust performance in a variety of operating environments
  • Provide expanded functionality and investment protection – Use modular single or dual-line PSTN, or VoIP telephony cards
  • Fully digital Polycom RealPresence Group Series integration– Add powerful, configurable audio to your HD video solution
  • RealPresence Touch – Provides a simple-to-use interface for volume control, muting, and dialing of SoundStructure.
  • Polycom Ceiling Microphone Arrays – Compatible with both Polycom Ceiling Microphone arrays and traditional analog microphones (each microphone array)
  • Push to talk microphones and other applications – Gain flexible support with logic inputs (contact closures) and outputs
  • Powerful events programming – Customize system behavior with the RealPresence Touch, RealPresence Group Series solutions, IR remotes, and more
  • Password protection – Prevents unauthorized users from accessing, controlling or making changes to the system
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Current Software

UC Software 5.3.0

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