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Polycom VSX 7000

MSRP Base Price: $5,999


VuPorts Refurbished Systems Include a 30 Day Warranty.

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VSX 7000 with MP & People Plus Content
The Polycom VSX7000 is an older version of the current VSX7000S. One of the main differences is that the VSX7000 does not by default support a 2nd monitor or XGA video output. This is very simply remedied by adding the optional Dual Monitor Cable Adapter. This was the flagship of the integrated camera designed units for the VSX series. Quite attractive for its compact design which fits on top of an LCD, Plasma or TV Monitor.

All systems come with a fully tested codec, camera, microphone, remote and cables.

The unit will support options like Multipoint and People + Content as well as support optional interfaces for ISDN, PRI and V.35.

We also have Polycom VSX 7000 Codecs for rent

Maximum Resolution



Video: 1 S-Video, 1 RCA
Audio: 1 Mic, 2 RCA


Video: 1 S-Video, 1 RCA
Audio: 2 RCA

Current Software


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