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Refurbished: $3,415
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Cisco / Tandberg C60 High Definition Video Conferencing Unit Specs At A Glance:
  • Up to 1080p30 and 720p60 resolution.
  • Up to 10 Mbps total MultiSite bandwidth.
  • Up to 5 HD video sources.
  • Up to 4 microphone sources (balanced XLR).
  • Full duplex audio with high-quality stereo sound.
  • Full application programming interface (APIs).
  • Video Standards: H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264.

Our C60 comes with a 1 Year VuPorts Warranty,  and includes a Precision HD 1080p 12x camera, mic, remote and necessary cables. Additional add on VuPorts 1, 2 or 3 Year Warranty available in related products. Codecs are available separately upon request.

The possible options for the C60 system include:
  • Premium Resolution Option, which allows for full 1080p resolution.
  • The 4-way MultiSite option giving you the ability to connect up to 4 calls at once. 
  • The default options are the Natural Presenter Package (data sharing) and the Dual Display Option (ability to use 2 monitors).

Our pricing for the C60 system is very competitive especially when you add any additional activated options!
Full 1080p HD and 720p video and collaboration with optimal definition for the best video quality every time, regardless of environment.  Superior, full duplex audio with high quality stereo sound.  Ensure successful, streamlined integration projects with standards-compliant professional connectors, full APIs and the ability to directly connect up to four HD video sources and four microphones.   The C60 ties easily into the full portfolio for management, firewall traversal and advanced services.


Cisco C60 With Precision 1080p 12x Camera

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Product Specifications

Maximum Resolution:
HD 1080p30
Video: 2 HDMI, 2 DVI, 1 BNC pair
Audio: 4 XLR, 2 RCA
Video: 1 HDMI, 1 DVI,
Audio: 2 RCA
Current Software:
TC 7.3.9 or CE9.0.1
Possible Options:
Multisite, Premium Resolution, Remote Monitoring
Part Numbers:
CTS-INTP-C60-K9, 800-35367-01 B0, CTS-C60-K9, LIC-C60-MS, LIC-C60-PR, TTC6-10



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