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Skype For Business Video Conferencing

Video conferencing systems and components that are Skype for Business compatible.

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Skype for Business Video Conferencing Equipment

Many businesses are now utilizing video conferencing technologies in their day-to-day operations. With the right equipment and software, you can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Video conferencing saves money and provides convenience for business meetings of all kinds. You no longer have to travel to meet with business partners, potential clients and others who are too far away.

At VuPorts, we carry an exceptional variety of video conferencing equipment with a number of different features. Understanding your business’s own unique needs is key in finding the right equipment.

Skype for Business is a unique feature that provides a number of helpful tools. Below, you’ll find the capabilities of Skype for Business and which VuPorts products have this feature.

What Is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a communications platform with a variety of compelling features. It is similar to Skype and Skype Meetings — two other variations on the same platform — but offers business-centric capabilities.

This tool is best suited to larger businesses. It is a paid service, but only costs $2 per user. With it, you can connect with up to 250 people and use other features like instant messaging, voicemail, file sharing, video conferencing and more.

You can digitally plan meetings of any size and adjust the tool to best fit your needs. Some devices are designed for Skype for Business right out of the box, like a number of products you can find at VuPorts.

Benefits of Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an efficient tool that is affordable and offers a great variety of features.

There are not very many video conferencing platforms that allow you to connect with many people at once. Whether you schedule a meeting with your branch managers across a region or need to hold a meeting for stakeholders, you can share information with a large number of people at once with Skype for Business.

This tool is versatile. With so many different features, you can use it however you need it. Video conferencing is a helpful tool just by itself, but Skype for Business has many more besides this one feature. While someone is presenting, others present can ask questions without disrupting the presenter. When the presenter finds the right moment, they can answer those questions.

Skype for Business is a very cost-effective tool. Even if you have a large office, it doesn’t cost too much for your team to use it. Considering how much you get from it, the cost more than pays for itself.

Polycom RealPresence and CX Products From VuPorts

If you’re looking for quality video conferencing equipment that has Skype for Business compatibility, VuPorts has the RealPresence Series.

There are several variations of RealPresence to fit into both larger and smaller budgets.

Check out VuPort’s specific products to see the full specs. Give us a call and we can discuss what would work best for your application. Call 415.659.8178.