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Polycom Video Conferencing Software Licenses

No returns are offered on our guaranteed unused software options so please be sure of what you need. Some licenses like the RMX licenses require a maintenance agreement to implement. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Polycom Group Series Software License Options

Polycom RealPresence Group Multipoint License Product Number : 5150-65081-001

Polycom Group Series Multipoint Software can be used on the Group 500 , 550 and Group 700 Systems.   The Functionality is a bit different for both systems.   On the Group 500 Series this software license will provide for 4-way Multipoint (HDCP) when using high definition calling and will allow for 6-way Multipoint (SDCP)  when using Standard Definition.
This license can also be used with the Group 700 Series yielding up to 8-way continuous presence.

Polycom RealPresence Group 1080p HD Video Option License : 5150-65082-001

Polycom Group Series 1080p HD Software License enables 1080p HD both encode/decode for people and content.  This license works with Group Series 300 , 310 , 500 , 550 and 700 models.

Polycom RealPresence Group Microsoft Skype for Business / RTV / CCCP / Interop License : 5150-65083-001

Polycom Group Interop enables direct calling between your Group System and a Skype for Business endpoints or Microsoft Lync endpoints. This Interop License will allow your system to share the inherent RTV or CCCP protocols that interoperate with Microsoft solutions as well as unified communcations platforms.  For use on Group 300 , 310 , 500 , 550 and 700 models.

Polycom RealPresence Group Dual Display Software License : 5150-65085-001

Polycom Group allows dual monitor support for your Group 300 or 310 System.

Polycom RealPresence Group Cisco TIP Software License : 5150-65084-001

Polycom Group TIP License allows your Group 300 , 310 , 500 , 550 and 700 Group to be compatible with Cisco TIP telepresence systems.

Polycom HDX Software License Options

Polycom HDX 8W 8-Site Multipoint Software License : 5150-23913-001

Polycom HDX 8-way Software Option License allows you to have up to 8 participants in a call.  It allows up to 8 parties to converse over IP, ISDN and Serial Networks.   This software is available only for the HDX 9004 model.

Polycom HDX 4-Site Multipoint Software License : 5150-23912-001

Polycom HDX 4-way Software Option License allows you to have up to 4 participants in a call.  It allows up to 4 parties to converse over IP, ISDN and Serial Networks.   This software works on HDX 4000 , 4500 , 7000 , 8000 and 9000 Series Codecs.

Polycom HDX 1080p HD Software Upgrade License : 5150-26946-001

Polycom HDX 1080p HD Software Option License allows you  to enable 1080 encode/decode. Supported on HDX 7000 revC and revD; HDX 8000 revB, revC; HDX 9000/9006 revB systems.

Polycom HDX Microsoft RTV/CCCP Software License : 5150-63389-001

Polycom HDX Microsoft RTV / CCCP Option License allows you to enable Microsoft Lync Real Time Video and CCCP option on
HDX 4000 /6000/ 7000 Rev C ,  HDX 4500 any , HDX 8000 Rev B , HDX 9000 Rev B

Polycom HDX TIP Software License : 5150-63611-001

Polycom HDX TIP Software License enables the communications between HDX systems and Cisco TIP (Telepresence Interoperability Protocol) telepresence multi-screen systems.  Valid for Polycom HDX 9006, Polycom HDX 8000 HD (HW rev B and C), Polycom HDX 7000 HD (HW Rev C) and HDX 4500

Polycom HDX 6000 1080p HD Software License : 5150-26511-001

Polycom HDX 6000 1080p HD Upgrade License enables 720p60 and 1080p30 decode, and 720p30 and 1080p15 encode capabilities for only the HDX 6000 System.

Polycom HDX 4Mbps Software License : 5150-23914-001

Polycom HDX 6Mbps Software License : 5150-23915-001

Polycom HDX POC People On Content Software License : 5150-23916-001

Polycom VSX and V Seris Software License Options

Polycom V500 P+C IP Software License: 5150-2278-001

Polycom RMX RSS CMA DMA and Other Infrastructure License Options

Polycom RMX MPMx 15HD Software License : 5150-18350-015

Polycom RMX MPMx 2000 / 4000  5HD Upgrade Software License: 5150-18250-005

Polycom RMX 2000 / 4000 10 HD/ 40 CIF Software License

Polycom E1 T1 Interface Card Software License : 5150-18200-200

Polycom RMX 1500/2000/4000 Encryption License : 5150-18200-500

Polycom RSS4000-HD-Web Stream-Upgrade Software License : 5150-32759-001

Polycom RSS4000-Multicast Software License : 5150-32760-001

Polycom RSS4000-Encryption Software License : 5150-32761-001

Polycom RSS2000 Multicast Software License : 5150-18900-020

Polycom RSS 2000 Stackable Software License : 5150-18900-030

Polycom CMA 4000 Add 100 Devices Software License : 5157-77610-100

Polycom CMA 5000 Add 500 Devices Software License : 5157-77600-500