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Video Conferencing Solutions

VuPorts’ Video Conferencing Equipment Mission

VuPorts’ mission is to offer video conferencing solutions to a wide range of industries. We do this by offering the best brands in video conferencing hardware at prices that are affordable to a variety of budgets in numerous sectors.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Equipment for Businesses

Video conferencing equipment frees you from the confines of the boardroom and the challenges of scheduling. No longer do you have to wait until everyone can make it to your conference room simultaneously in order to conduct business. No more do you have to communicate with a partner, vendor, staff member, teammate or client through e-mail or by phone when face-to-face is the ideal medium. Video conferencing gives you the benefit of face-to-face interaction in your business dealings anywhere, anytime.

Types of Industries That Benefit From Video Conferencing Equipment

There is a wide range of industries that benefit from video conferencing. If you can imagine a situation where people need to be able to meet and communicate even when they cannot all be in the same place at the same time, then your industry can benefit from our video conferencing solutions.

For example, video conferencing equipment for education now appears all over the world in primary and secondary classrooms. It helps teachers transmit their curriculum to students who cannot make it to the classroom and allows administrative operations to run more quickly and smoothly.

The judicial system enjoys many benefits of video conferencing, including the ability to safely take testimony from prison inmates or allow them to attend their trials without transporting them to the courthouse.

Manufacturing companies enjoy faster development cycles and lower supply chain costs thanks to the benefits of video conferencing. Military and government operations also often require extensive performance testing, which would be extremely costly if administrators had to travel to every location where it’s taking place.

Video conferencing allows health care professionals to communicate with patients even if their illnesses prevent them from traveling to the doctor’s office, and can also help physicians safely treat patients under quarantine.

Why VuPorts Is Trusted by Leaders in Many Industries

  • Education: Education leaders trust VuPorts because they know our video conferencing equipment will have the quality they need to boost their status as an educational institution that can meet the needs of its students. This includes differently abled students, students with unique learning styles and students who for various reasons cannot access the classroom environment.
  • Judicial: The judicial system trusts VuPorts video conferencing equipment to allow court officers to take expert witness testimony clearly, connect lawyers with their clients and record courtroom proceedings accurately.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies trust VuPorts to help them lower costs by allowing them to view performance tests and communicate with their warehouses without the time and expense involved in travel.
  • Government: Government leaders trust VuPorts to help them connect with their constituents without the frustration of missed or misunderstood communication due to lack of or poor access.
  • Health care: Video conferencing solutions from VuPorts can help doctors improve surgery outcomes, get medical consultations from doctors all across the globe and offer vital medical training to other health care professionals.
  • Military: In the military, missed or misunderstood communications can have catastrophic consequences. That’s why the military trusts VuPorts for reliable video conferencing equipment that provides consistent, clear communication.