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Video Conferencing Solutions for Education

Video Conferencing Equipment for Use in Education

Education today faces major changes as primary, secondary, and tertiary educators address global opportunities, challenges, and needs. Your education institution must develop students as global citizens. It must also meet organizational imperatives to operate more efficiently and deliver programs that attract talented students and faculty from throughout the world.

Use of Video Conference Equipment in Classrooms

Today, primary and secondary school classrooms around the globe are incorporating technology into their studies. In fact, 74 percent of educators find technology benefits their students and themselves, offering them an opportunity to deliver a more enriching classroom experience and provide their students the foundation to achieve their goals.

Our technology that educators and administrators are bringing into the classroom is video conference equipment, which offers the following uses:

  • Supporting different student learning styles
  • Connecting parents, teachers, and staff
  • Recording lessons for future use and reference by students
  • Experiencing virtual field trips, out-of-state seminars and more
  • Providing remote students with online educations
  • Collaborating with fellow school systems for unique learning opportunities
  • Meeting with service providers

If you’re considering video conference equipment for your school, there are limitless uses for it. Both your administrative staff and teachers can utilize the hardware to benefit not only your curriculum but also your institution’s day-to-day processes. 

Benefits of Video Conferencing in Higher Education

Investing in video conference equipment for education offers several advantages. By adopting video conferencing, your school can:

  • Improve Communications: Chatting via email chains, instant messages and other interpersonal forms of communication can lead to misunderstandings, which can cause setbacks in delivering collaborative lesson plans, budget assessments and more. With video conferencing equipment, your staff can talk to one another in real-time in a more personal form, where miscommunication is avoidable. Plus, you can apply the tech to parent-teacher conferences.
  • Expand Learning Opportunities: Growing your educational institution’s learning offerings is critical, as parents and college-aged students are investing their funds in schools and colleges that offer exceptional education. With video conference equipment for teaching, educators can enhance learning opportunities by hosting expert speakers via video, exploring historical sites across the world or supporting multiple learning styles.
  • Boost Education Institution Rating: Competing with nearby school districts and a range of universities demands that your educational institution features a high score when it comes to the quality of your staff and curriculum. With video conferencing for your education needs, you can optimize your student experience and become a leading choice for families in the area, which increases your revenue.
  • Reduce Education Expenses: Delivering a premium level of education often requires access to a generous budget. For smaller schools and universities, obtaining additional funds is difficult, which can lead to a decrease in your educational offerings. Video conference systems for schools, however, offer an affordable solution that lets you take advantage of educational opportunities available through the internet.

Case Studies of Video Conference Systems in Colleges and School Systems

To demonstrate the impact of video conference systems in colleges and school systems, consider the following case studies:

  • Brisbane Catholic Education Office: This learning network, which features 130 schools and more than 70,000 students, saw immediate results. In fact, by adopting video conferencing for their education applications, they decreased reporting times for meeting attendance by 95 percent while boosting virtual meeting numbers by 75 percent.
  • University of Florida: This secondary school encountered physical and financial challenges in accommodating its growing student body and delivering a top-notch learning experience. Since installing more than 100 unites for video conferencing, the university’s noted an improvement in curriculum and productivity, as well as increased engagement from remote students.

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