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Video Conferencing Solutions for Government

Video Conferencing Equipment for Use in Government

Government departments and agencies around the world grapple with budget pressures caused by tax revenue shortfalls, an environment of spiraling costs, and increasing demands from citizens. They have to do more with less, and improve their service, responsiveness, efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

Uses of Video Conferencing in Government

Like other sectors, such as military, education, and judicial, video conferencing in government facilities offers a range of potential applications including:

  • Driving the adoption of mobility
  • Supporting the collaboration of teams across multiple locations
  • Reducing annual expenses for government travel
  • Sharing visual data for reports and complex projects
  • Streamlining the daily operations of government bodies
  • Providing American Sign Language (ASL) support to constituents

If you’re considering video conferencing equipment for your government offices, there are numerous ways to use them in your day-to-day operations. Whether you’re a public library, police department, waste treatment plant, airport, or another public facility, you can benefit from integrating video conferencing into your government entity’s workflow processes.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Systems for Government Offices

Video conferencing systems for government offices deliver several measurable advantages, including:

  • Boost Operation Efficiencies: Travel is an integral part of government operations. In fact, more than 40 percent of employees at the federal level travel each month, which averages to a loss of 3.5 hours each week. With video conferencing equipment for your government offices, you can minimize government travel and increase productivity by maximizing the time teams have for projects. Instead of traveling hours to discuss a proposal, for example, your staff can resume discussions in minutes.
  • Improve Constituent Communications: Local and state governments often struggle to engage with their constituents. For many residents, time is often a significant factor in attending a public meeting or community event, which is why video conferencing is so valuable. With a video conferencing system for your government office, you can broadcast and record town meetings, which lets people attend on their terms.
  • Reduce Government Expenses: An area of discontent for many taxpayers is government waste, which is why more local, state and federal governments are looking for ways to optimize their budget. Travel is one such area, as its costs total more than $15 billion a year. By introducing video conferencing in government operations, your facility could save a substantial amount. In fact, the federal government could conserve more than $8 billion if half the staff replaced traveling with video conferencing.
  • Expedite Communications: For all government bodies, fast communication is a significant benefit. It’s a requirement, however, for first responders. With video conferencing equipment for government offices that oversee public safety and emergencies, communications can be streamlined, which supports fast responses to deteriorating conditions, such as hurricanes, earthquakes or terrorist attacks.

Case Studies of Video Conferencing in Government

To demonstrate the effectiveness of video conferencing in government, consider the following case studies:

  • Suffolk County Police Department: For the Suffolk County Police Department, which protects almost 1.5 million residents and maintains a force of 2400 officers, it’s critical to ensure fast responses and comprehensive training for staff. However, both demand a significant time investment. Training courses, for example, encompassed six months of officers’ time. After implementing video conferencing, that changed. Now, training courses take only two weeks.
  • Brooklyn Public Library: For the Brooklyn Public Library, which has strong ties to its community and offers an adult literacy program for inmates at correctional facilities, it was essential to provide the children of these individuals an opportunity to visit with their parent in a comforting, warm setting — the library. By purchasing video conference equipment for government use and installing it at their location and select correctional facilities, the library has helped more than 200 families stay connected.

With its benefits, as well as its measurable impact, it’s clear that video conferencing in government is an asset.

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