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Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare

Video Conferencing Equipment for Use in Healthcare

Video conferencing is allowing doctors and healthcare practitioners around the globe to work together more effectively than ever before. Whether it be in the operating theater or in the ward, doctors and specialist can be fully present, even when they are miles away, bringing a better quality of service to the patient.


Uses of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Healthcare networks around the world are integrating video conferencing into their day-to-day practices, applying it to:
  • Organize surgery views
  • Provide telemedicine services
  • Offer medical training opportunities
  • Meet medical specialists for consultations
  • Review administrative projects
No matter the size of your facility, from a local doctor’s office to a regional health center, you can benefit from integrating video conferencing into your healthcare processes.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Systems for Healthcare

Video conferencing systems for healthcare applications provide your facility with several advantages, including the ability to:
  • Deliver Universal Care: Telemedicine continues to grow in demand and use. With video conferencing systems for hospitals and doctor offices, your physicians can connect with patients throughout the state, country or even the world. That offers you the opportunity to help more people — especially those confined to their home — and expand your client base.
  • Streamline Medical Training: For many doctors, they must continue their education and training as a part of their employment agreement. Many also take the initiative to expand their knowledge, as it helps them improve their level of care. The downside to additional training is that many physicians must travel to receive it. With healthcare video conferencing, doctors can fine-tune their skills from their office, eliminating the cost and time-sink of traveling.
  • Support Care Team Collaboration: For patients with severe conditions, a care team is essential. Establishing such a group, however, can lead to difficulties in building a patient’s care plan, as specialists may live across time zones, states and countries. By introducing video conferencing into healthcare, doctors can collaborate with ease, focusing their efforts on developing a comprehensive care plan, rather than their estimated time of arrival.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Many healthcare networks carry higher operating costs as they continue to expand their medical equipment, facility and staff numbers. Video conference systems for healthcare offer an opportunity to reduce these costs without jeopardizing patient care. In fact, by eliminating the travel times of physicians and establishing a telemedicine system, hospitals can enhance their offerings to the community.
Outside of your medical team’s responsibilities, video conferencing systems also expedite the workflow of administrative departments for improved productivity.

Case Studies of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

To emphasize the impact video conferencing offers healthcare, consider the following case studies:
  • London Health Sciences Centre: The London Health Sciences Centre of Canada faces a significant challenge in managing the time of its medical staff. As Canada requires all physicians to undergo 50 hours of training each year, the number of consultations a doctor can accept is limited. By installing video conferencing equipment in its hospital, the London Health Sciences Centre streamlined training opportunities by eliminating travel times. Now, physicians can book an additional 600 consultations.
  • Kings View Behavioral Health System: For Kings View Behavioral Health System, the cost and time-sink of traveling to their Fresco, CA, location was causing 80 to 90 percent of patients to discontinue or delay treatment for mental health disorders. The center invested in video conferencing equipment for healthcare systems to improve their level of care and increase patient connections. Now, doctors are meeting with patients every day and seeing results in their patients’ health.
With its measurable effect on quality, cost, and productivity, the positive role of video conferencing in healthcare is undeniable.

Purchase Video Conferencing Equipment for Your Healthcare System

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