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Video Conferencing Solutions for Judicial Applications

Video Conferencing Equipment for Use in Judicial Applications

Courts and judicial offices around the world are experiencing the benefits of video conferencing for trials, meetings, remote court appearances and more. From reducing travel costs to enabling all required participants to be present, video conferencing equipment for judicial applications is an undeniable asset.

Uses of Video Conferencing Equipment for Judicial Proceedings

In the U.S., as well as many other countries around the world, video conferencing equipment for judicial proceedings can be used for several different applications, such as:

  • Interviewing expert witnesses
  • Streamlining administrative tasks
  • Eliminating inmate transportation costs
  • Connecting lawyers with clients
  • Recording courtroom proceedings

Whether you’re overseeing a correctional facility, courthouse, or law enforcement agency, there are multiple ways to use video conference equipment in your judicial office.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Systems for Judicial Offices

Introducing video conferencing systems into your judicial offices delivers several advantages, including:

  • Boosted Safety: Transporting inmates to courthouses from correctional facilities requires additional security measures, plus poses a security risk to your staff and the public. By adopting video conferencing equipment for courtrooms, you can reduce these risks, as inmates can attend their trial without traveling. This measure can also save time, as traffic and travel delays can slow the start or continuation of proceedings.
  • Decreased Expenses: For many parties involved in the judicial process, from courthouses to public defender offices, video conferencing equipment for legal proceedings offers a cost-effective solution. Instead of traveling to meet with clients, for example, lawyers can connect via a video conference. They can also do the same for interviewing expert witnesses in the courtroom, which provides substantial cost savings if the specialist resides in a different country or state.
  • Simplified Administrative Processes: A range of administrative procedures, from scheduling trial dates to assigning public defenders, can become more manageable with video conferencing systems for judicial offices. Staff at correctional facilities, for instance, can coordinate with lawyers in arranging a video conferencing date so clients can meet their lawyer as soon as possible — and without traveling.
  • Optimized Time: Many processes within the judicial system, from transporting inmates to preparing court cases, require a substantial investment of time. In many cases, however, travel consumes a significant portion of this time, which affects productivity. With video conferencing equipment for judicial offices, you can offset this effect and maximize your time, leading to improved performance. 

Case Studies of Video Conferencing Systems for Judicial Offices

To see the full impact of video conferencing systems for judicial offices, consider the following case studies:

  • Dallas County: In Texas, public defenders are required to communicate with their clients within 24 hours of their appointment. For Dallas County, which oversees the largest public defender office in the state, this mandate is a significant challenge, as their 94 lawyers try more than 45,000 cases each year — that’s around 478 cases per lawyer. To combat this issue, Dallas County implemented video conferencing, and it’s seen substantial results in the quality of communication between lawyers and clients.
  • Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office: For many local governments, transportation costs for trials are expensive. To transport inmates to courthouses, the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office estimates it costs $79 per inmate, with 200 to 300 inmates traveling each day. That’s why the Philadephia Sheriff’s Office adopted video conferencing equipment for judicial proceedings, saving more than $40,000 by holding almost 300 hearings with the system. 

With their range of uses, benefits, and evidence-based results, video conference systems for courtrooms and other judicial offices are a valuable addition. 

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