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Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing

Video Conferencing Equipment for the Manufacturing Industry

With its diversity and variable supply chains, the manufacturing industry relies on technology that drives its mission forward. For many manufacturing companies around the world, video conferencing systems support their goals to expedite production cycles, lower operating costs, boost supply chain processes and increase the competitive advantage of their brand.

Uses of Video Conferencing Equipment for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing sector, video conferencing equipment for warehouses and other facilities can assist with day-to-day operations in a variety of ways, including:

  • Brainstorming new products
  • Connecting supply chain links
  • Supporting collaboration among international teams
  • Sharing and process real-time data
  • Hosting quality control meetings
  • Delivering company-wide training

No matter your role in the manufacturing industry, from a producer to a distributor, there are numerous applications for video conference systems in manufacturing.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Systems for Supply Chain Management and More

Advantages of using video conferencing systems for your supply chain management, product development, and other applications include:

  • Improved Cost Control: Implementing a video conference system across your supply chain lets you better manage your costs, which can lead to lower expenses. Instead of traveling to meet your distributor, for example, you can meet-up through a video conference. Product teams can also review videos demonstrating an item’s performance in testing, instead of going to the labs in-person.
  • Expedited Product Development Cycles: Maintaining your role as a competitor depends on a consistent yet fast time-to-market period. With video conferencing equipment for manufacturing, you can boost collaboration efforts, streamline communication and boost the development times for products. The face-to-face collaboration provided by video conferencing also supports improved interaction and understanding, which leads to gains in your product’s design.
  • Increased Productivity Levels: Adopting a video conference system into your warehouses, production centers and supply chain network helps productivity. Instead of traveling to inspect goods, for example, employees can do it from their office and then resume their day-to-day tasks. Eliminating potential misunderstandings through face-to-face communications also ensures every effort by your team supports your overall mission.

Case Studies of Video Conference Systems in Manufacturing

To demonstrate the effectiveness of video conference systems in manufacturing, consider the following case studies:

  • Pirelli: As one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world, Pirelli oversees more than 20 production plants and 38,000 employees. With aspirations to grow, Pirelli needed to boost its time-to-market, lower costs and drive collaboration between its international team. With a video conferencing system for manufacturing, Pirelli accomplished all its goals. Relationships among staff,¬†plus productivity¬†improved. Travel times also decreased, which led to reduced operating expenses.
  • Sub-Zero: As a premier appliance company, which specializes in refrigeration, Sub-Zero demanded a solution that matched the quality of its products. By incorporating video conferencing equipment for manufacturing, Sub-Zero saved more than $40,000 in travel costs for a single project, plus more than $100,000 in field testing expenses. The company also collaborates on a daily basis through video conferences.

With its benefits, applications, and measurable results, the manufacturing industry is adopting video conference systems at a rapid rate.

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