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Video Conferencing Solutions for Military

Video Conferencing Equipment for the Military

For the military, real-time communication and fast decision-making are critical. Today, many branches f the armed forces are integrating video conferencing into their day-to-day operations, which range from training exercises, operation planning, and other tasks. The result is not only real-time communication but also lowered expense, improved morale, and increased reaction time.

Uses for Secure Video Conferencing Systems in the Military

In the military, secure video conference systems can be used to:

  • Connect stationed service members with family and friends
  • Support meetings between field personnel and commanders
  • Coordinate rescue operations, military exercises, and more
  • Host remote training sessions with professionals in the field
  • Interview expert witnesses and defendants in military courts
  • Record missions, training, and more

No matter your branch of the military, base size, or security level, there is a secure solution for your operations.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Systems for the Military

Advantages of adopting video conferencing systems for military use include:

  • Reduce Costs: As a force supported and funded by the public, taxpayers expect government bodies to minimize waste and optimize their funding. Video conferencing provides the military with a secure solution for reducing expenses. By using video conferencing systems for military meetings, for example, you can eliminate the cost and time of traveling. The same approach applies to hosting experts in the field for training seminars, as they can speak to your unit through video.
  • Improve Morale: While members of the armed forces understand their career will take them across the world, many are unprepared for the emotional impact of long-term separation from their family. With secure video conference systems for military use, you can provide your unit with the opportunity to connect with their family face-to-face, which can improve their morale and drive.
  • Increase Response Times: In a state of emergency, such as a natural disaster, communities rely on the fast response and quick decisions of the military. By incorporating video conferencing equipment for the military into your unit, you can ensure you deliver a timely, thought-out response to communities in need by coordinating with parties in separate locations from you, such as your overseeing commander.

Case Studies of Secure Video Conferencing in the Military

To demonstrate the impact of video conferencing in the military, consider these implementations of secure video conference systems for military use:

  • Oklahoma Army National Guard: In 2000, the Oklahoma Army National Guard installed its first batch of video conference equipment. The success of the initial system led to them adding more than 250 additional units, which further decreased the travel costs of military personnel. Each month, the video conferencing tools at the Oklahoma Army National Guard’s base see more than 1200 hours of use.
  • Military Court Centre of Bulford Camp: In the U.K., the Military Court Centre at Bulford Camp serves the Royal Marines, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. As a military courtroom, witnesses from foreign countries are often asked to testify. While free to decline, many are unable to provide their testimony due to the expense and hassle of traveling into another country. By implementing a secure video conference system for military use, the court makes it feasible for witnesses around the world to testify.

With its advantages and applications, video conferencing in the military is becoming an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Purchase Video Conferencing Equipment for Your Military Applications

VuPorts specializes in video conferencing equipment and solutions for military applications.

Military Applications for Video Conferencing typically require ruggedized cases to protect the standardized codecs in harsh and demanding environments.  We currently carry only the Cisco VX Tactical in a ruggedized case with the center of this ensemble being the Cisco SX20 Codec.   The case also includes the camera and the monitor which can be easily set up and taken down in field environments.  This Particular unit also comes in this case with a high-quality inverter for power in the field.

To learn more about the Cisco VX Tactical and other video conferencing equipment for the military, contact us today for a quote!