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Revolabs Solo Executive Wireless 4 or 8 Channel Transceiver

MSRP Base Price: $4700


Includes a VuPorts 30 Day Warranty.
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Pricing is specified for the 4 channel unit.   Please inquire about pricing on the 8 channel unit.
This system utilizes 1.9 GHz DECT technology, and high band-width audio from multiple wireless microphones, enabling  clear, reliable, untethered
communications in audio and video conferencing environments. The Revolabs Solo™ Executive Wireless Microphone System is a unique
marriage of innovative technology and ergonomic design, employing Multi-Carrier, Time Division Multiple Access and Time Division Duplex
(MC/TDMA/TDD) radio transmissions both to and from the microphone. This technology allows the microphones to co-exist with other wireless
products such as wireless LANs (802.11b&g), and includes digital encryption technology to ensure secure communications. System Components
Depending on which system you’ve purchased, your Revolabs Solo™ Executive System package contains the following:
•Rackmountable 4 or 8 channel Base Station
•Microphone Charger Base
•Solo wireless microphones, (earpieces and lanyards wearable microphone only).
The Base Station houses the processor and one end of the wireless connection. It features either one pair (4 Mic system) or two pairs (8 Mic system) of diversity
antennas and offers individual line-level audio in/out for each microphone channel. This allows for additional post processing such as:
•Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
•Feedback elimination
•Level control
•Noise cancellation
The system is designed to optimize conference-call
productivity by providing:
•Consistent audio input from all participants
•Minimum room noise
•Mute control
•Wireless encryption
•Full duplex audio.
The Charger Base unit stores and charges the wireless microphones when not in use.


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