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High Definiton Video Conferencing

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HD Video Conferencing Products

When it comes to video conferencing products, HD video is a must if you want the clearest picture when communicating with clients, partners or staff. With VuPorts, HD video is never out of reach, thanks to our multiple tiers of name-brand products geared to meet a wide range of budgets. We provide the video conferencing equipment you need for:

  • Conference rooms and offices: We can help you with a networked audio and video system that will allow those who are in the office to connect to people in remote locations or in other conference rooms. With HD video and crisp, high-quality audio, the entire world can be part of your conference room.
  • Desktops: If you can’t get away from your desk, or if it is more convenient to your operations to have team conferences without people leaving their workstations, we have the solution. We can provide you with an HD video conferencing system that will allow every employee to turn their desktop computer monitor into a video conferencing access point.
  • Personal videoconferencing: Our HD video solutions are not just for office environments. We have products that are great for home use as well. If you need to be able to pitch ideas to multiple companies face-to-face from one location, manage a business from home or have any other personal videoconference needs, we have the equipment to fit your requirements and your budget.

HD Video Conferencing Brands

Our goal is to provide you with the video conferencing products you need on your budget without sacrificing quality. To ensure this, we offer the top brands when it comes to HD video conferencing, including Polycom, Cisco, and Lifesize video conferencing equipment. These brands are well-known for the quality and reliability of their products when it comes to videoconferencing solutions.

Benefits of HD Video Conferencing Equipment

HD video conferencing equipment is ideal for businesses because of the incredible quality of the picture. You choose video conferencing for your business because you know the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction, and any drop in quality in your video picture detracts from the authenticity of that interaction.

With good HD video equipment, the partners or clients you are meeting with will get a clear, lifelike picture that can make it feel as if they are actually in the room with you. This can significantly benefit the quality and results of your interaction.

What Equipment Do You Need for HD Video Conferencing?

For effective HD video conferencing, you’ll need a reliable videoconference system which includes the codec, HD camera – preferably at least 720p60, and a microphone with high audio standards up to 22kHz audio. Fortunately, you can find all this and more in the VuPorts inventory, at budget-friendly prices for name-brands with extendable warranties.

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