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Group 700 1080p 3 Year Contract

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Total Coverage, 3 Year, Group 700-1080p – includes next day parts, 24×7 test sites, software upgrades and updates.
  • Add maintenance coverage to a Group 700-7080p system that is currently under coverage.
  • Extend maintenance coverage to a Group 700-1080p system that is currently out of warranty.
    • Service re-activation fees are required for systems that are currently out of warranty.
    • System has to be tested and confirmed to be in working order before extended maintenance coverage can be applied.
    • All components to the warrantied system including camera and microphone must correlate exactly with the original components, specified by their unique serial number when system was originally purchased from Polycom. No substitutes on serial numbers or component types except where RMA’d and correctly noted in the Polycom database.


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