Polycom Group Series: Find Your Perfect Fit
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Group 700
  1. For Boardrooms and Larger Rooms needing more cameras & monitors.
  2. Upgrade to Multipoint 4 x 1080p, 8 SD Calls. 1080p Resolution, Skype for Business
  3. Rackmount Codec with 3 Simultaneous Monitor Outputs
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Group 500
  1. For Medium to Large Rooms
  2. Native Dual Display Output for People plus Content or Near / Far Site Simultaneous Display
  3. Upgrade to Multipoint 4x 1080p or 6 SD Calls, 1080p Resolution, Skype for Business
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Group 300/310
  1. Entry Level for Small Room
  2. 720p Native Resolution, Standards Compliant Small Footprint Codec
  3. Upgrade to 1080p60 Resolution, Skype for Business and Dual Display
  4. Share Content with Ethernet
Advanced Features for Polycom Group
Upgrade Your Video Conferencing For Maximum Performance and Collaboration
Dual Display
Give Your RealPresence Group 300 or Group 310 two monitor output capability. No more picture in picture for single monitor.
TIP Software
Polycom Group TIP License allows your Group 300 , 310 , 500 and 700 Group to be compatible with Cisco TIP telepresence systems.
Polycom Group Series Multipoint Software can be used on the Group 500 and Group 700 Systems.
SKYPE for Business
Polycom Group Interop enables direct calling between your Group System and a Skype for Business endpoing or Microsoft Lync.
HD Upgrade
Polycom Group Series 1080p HD Software License enables 1080p HD both encode/decode for people and content. This license works with Group Series 300, 310, 500, and 700 models.
Cisco SX80 System - Powerfully Flexible
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  1. Up to 1080p60 with Precision 60 camera
  2. 1080p60 HD embedded MultiSite technology with Individual transcoding.
  3. H.323/SIP up to 10 Mbps point-to-point; up to 10Mbps total MultiSite bandwidth.
  4. Video Standards: H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264 and H.265 (SIP only for H.265)
  5. 5 simultaneous video inputs
VuPorts Price: $24900.00
Lifesize Icon Series - Simplicity Defined
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ICON 400

The Lifesize Icon 400 is designed to bring the power of video collaboration to small meetings, in a small and easy to install all-in-one package.

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ICON 600

The award-winning Lifesize Icon Series, video conferencing systems, are designed on one fundamental principle: simplicity.

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VuPorts sells both new and used PolycomCiscoLifesize video conferencing systems, equipment, and accessories that share industry standards and protocols of interoperability. Each system offers you defined value through quality testing and performance. We offer you the same value in our post sales support and technical service.  All Systems, Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize come with an automatic One Year Warranty .  And, these warranties can be extended further through VuPorts  extended warranties or by adding vendor specific warranties.  Value is our promise.

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