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Since 2000, VuPorts has been the leading supplier and purchaser of refurbished, used and new video conferencing equipment.   You will notice that we actually provide you with the most detailed inventory of systems in the industry and are not hesitant to post our pricing, condition and even details about each system. In addition VuPorts will post the software revision and options on most of our systems.  This is a large and costly detail that other resellers would rather not have you see.  Our pricing is extremely competitive. We have sold and deployed thousands of systems with individuals, hospitals, national laboratories, institutions, universities, law offices, small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies.   Initially VuPorts had its origins in the Internet 2 Consortium and was greated with instant sucess due to immediate product availability and money saving system purchases.   University projects were able to move quickly implementing collaborative research while saving money for other conservatively budgeted project costs. VuPorts prides itself on quality of service.  Time and time again our customers return to us for their next system purchase or system trade-in.  Please call us and let us make you happy by saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your next system.    DAVID NEUMAN - Owner


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